Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Computer Science Content Threatens to Take Over the Blog

  1. The exam has been graded. I got a 42 out of 50.

    Part of me really wonders what the hell is wrong with the people who scored poorly on the exam. Are they the same people who are surfing the web on their laptops during class? This class isn't that hard, and I strongly suspect that they are all CS majors (or, at least CS minors). It should be a totally different game than the freshmen who fail gen-ed courses, right? Ten points? Were you taking a different class and just took this exam by mistake?

    Turns out that I got most of the points on the string question (shocking!) but instead lost all the points on a question that totally blindsided me. Of course, it seems that a lot of people missed this question, too.

    Instead of getting graded work back, we get emailed our scores. Since he does all the grading electronically, he can automagically produce all sorts of data and plots and post them on the course webpage.

  2. My quicksort definitely quicksorts, but it doesn't match output like it should. Mine doesn't print anything for sorting 1 or 2 element lists. His doesn't print anything for sorting 1 or 2 element lists except for the last such call that the program makes. Grrrr.... Now I need to figure out how to reshuffle things to get mine to make one more print call before exiting.