Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Discuss the Passage

Subject: Exam 3 Review
Date: October 15, 2008 5:47:37 AM CDT

Mrs. Hirta,

Hello, I am wondering if you have the answers to the review saved on your computer. I've spent all night working out problems and looking over the review, but I am hesitant on all of it because I don't know if I have the answers to the review correct. If you don't have them saved to your computer, but have them on a hard copy, may I come to class a little bit early to compare my answers with your key? I got an A on my first test and a C on my second, so I'm really wanting to do well on this test.

Thank you,
Stu Dent

Suggested Discussion Questions:
  1. Will seeing the answers to the review sheet a few minutes before the exam help?
  2. Was staying up all night the night before the exam a good strategy?
  3. With a downward grade trend already and a poor score on a test that was entirely "take the derivative," is the student likely to do well at max-min?
  4. If you suspect that you aren't really getting max-min, what are the chances that you get it?
  5. Can the student do the odd-numbered problems from the book (to which the author has put worked out solutions online)? (The review questions are remarkably similar to the homework questions.)
  6. If I start giving out answers to review sheets, am I likely to make the difference between the review sheet and the exam a bit more pronounced?
  7. If I'd typed up solutions, why would I be keeping them to myself?