Friday, October 10, 2008

Does the University Have Fire Insurance on This Building?

I'm pretty sure that this classroom used to be part of the "computer science" part of the math building (we used to share a building with them back in the day) because it has electricity. Classrooms in the "math" part of the building tend to have zero electrical outlets. My office has two outlets -- but they are both two-prong.

What's this funny box under the chalkboard?

Why it's a fuse box! I did not check to see if anyone put a quarter behind the fuses.

This lightswitch appears not to be on the same circuit as the fuses. Is it on a circuit with a circuit breaker?

Just three more months to the gut-and-remodel. I suspect that they're going to have to upgrade the infrastructure a bit before the workers can get started on the job.