Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Adventures in Moving

Today we had a meeting about the math department moving to a new building. Our building is slated for a gut-and-remodel starting in January, and we're moving in to a building that has been serving as temporary office space for assorted departments during other renovation projects. The plan is for the university to demolish the temporary building once we're done with it.

I wish I had written down some of the questions that came up at the meeting.

One that was particularly memorable: We're going to be teaching in some other academic buildings on campus since our temporary office space is just an "office" building and not a "classroom" building. One person mentioned never having been in one of the buildings that we're going to be having classes in and not knowing where the classrooms are in that building and asked if someone could arrange a tour.

Other people wanted to know if the carpet in the temporary building would have spots on it.

Still others had trouble comprehending the difference between "there exists the possibility that some things may get lost or damaged during the move" and "your stuff will all be broken or stolen."

Many questions to the computer staff about intricate issues relating to access to the server while we were moving. The computer staff kept saying "don't count on it." And then people would ask about some other intricate hypothetical issue to which the response would be "don't count on it." Some people didn't really seem to grasp the idea that when the server moves that there will not be uninterrupted service. In fact, there may be significant down time. Shocking.

Unrelated fun fact: I wrote the calculus exam over the weekend and hadn't had time to photocopy it until today because I've been back-to-back class and/or meetings all day during all of business hours. Today I was able to make 220 out of 240 copies before the copier broke. Good thing the exam isn't until the 5th. (We have two copiers. Both are broken.)

Also unrelated: Crazy-stupid-busy lately.