Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Secret Messages

To the student who didn't finish the exam.
  1. You ran out of time on the previous exam, too. Probably you should have thought about not showing up a few minutes late to this exam. I could see that you stopped and smoked a cigarette before coming into the building. Maybe you should have left home earlier. (I checked -- this is your first class of the day.)

  2. No, you can't have extra time in my office later in the day.

  3. Maybe you didn't realize that this is the trade-off of the open book, open notes exam. If you know most of the stuff and don't have to look much up, you'll finish early. If you have to look everything up, you'll run out of time. If you have to look everything up and you have disorganized notes, you'll get very little done before running out of time.