Thursday, October 23, 2008

So Bizarre

Last week a student came to my office asking for us to do something that we never do and that is inconsistent with the rules in the undergraduate catalog. Student tells me that Professor X said it was OK and Professor X had been planning on handling the paperwork.

So I emailed Professor X to see what the story is.

Professor X met the student maybe once. Doesn't remember talking to the student. Has no record of emails to or from the student. Has no interest in the student. Has no reason to want us to break the rules on behalf of the student. Says we're free to say no to the student.

So I got back in touch with the student, explaining what Professor X had said.

I heard nothing from the student for several days. Today I get an email from the student insisting again that Professor X says that this request is fine and that I should just sign off on it. Student suggests that the reason that I am unwilling to comply with the request is "politics."