Thursday, October 16, 2008

Students Write Revisionist History About My Class

A student just emailed me asking what we're going to do about hir attendance grade. Student's Clicker has been broken, so my fancy-schmancy electronic attendance system has no record of the student being there. Because broken and forgotten Clickers are a perennial problem, I have a sign-in sheet that students can sign at the end of class so that they're recorded as present. This isn't some sort of sheet that's passed around. The students with broken and forgotten clickers have to come to the front of the room at the end and sign in. I recycle the back of my first page of notes as the sign-in sheet.

Student claims to have been present but that I was unaware of the student's presence in class because there was no attendance sheet on those days.

Except, there was an attendance sheet. I have it right here.