Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Things Work Out OK -- Characteristic 2

Today I was going to finish up the TA observations that I started last week. I woke up early to go watch the 8:10am section of one TA (I have meetings and standing commitments that conflict with this TA's other sections). Unfortunately, I read the schedule wrong, and at 8:10am I went to the classroom for a different one of my TAs with an 8:10am section. (This is the room that the TA that I intended to observe has later in the day.)

Ten minutes after class was supposed to start, the TA wasn't there. At which point I asked the class, "Is [TA I thought I was going to observe] usually late?" And they're, like, "We don't have [TA I thought I was going to observe]. We have [the cool TA]. And [the cool TA] is never late."

I told the class to wait five minutes that I was going to go downstairs to have the department office staff figure out what was going on. I had the graduate admin get on the situation of The Case of the Missing TA. And then I stopped by my office and grabbed a marker and my textbook, and headed back up to teach some calculus. We'd all woken up early for calculus class. Might as well see some calculus.

I answered some questions. The TA eventually appeared (alarm clock issue). Things worked out OK.

Except now I have to find time (in two weeks -- stupid busy schedule) to observe the TA that I thought I would have observed today.