Thursday, October 02, 2008

Unremarkable Thursday Described in Too Many Words (and Two Pictures)

We start in media res just before the 2pm classes started with a traffic jam on the circular driveway that serves the math and science buildings. Undergraduates were driving to class, perhaps planning on parking illegally in the "15 minutes faculty ONLY 24/7 tow away zone" spots or maybe in the "university vehicles ONLY no faculty, no students, no exceptions 24/7 tow away zone" spots. However, traffic got backed up like around an elementary school in a rich neighborhood (poor kids can walk a block or two to school) because the narrow, one lane, one-way driveway was blocked by a university police car, a parking services car, and a TOW TRUCK TOWING SOMEONE AWAY. I really, really, really hope that it was someone illegally parked and not just someone whose car wouldn't start. I am in favor of parking services enforcing the regulations. Considering that we have a shortage of cash on campus and a shortage of parking spaces, it seems to be worth their while. I'd even support a system where people could rat on illegal parkers by text message so the parking staff wouldn't need to patrol as much.

Pure, evil delight in watching the students freak out that they were going to be late to class because of their attempt to park in the unparkable part of campus.

Aside from that, my day was pretty much as you would expect.

Came in early to meet with a student who had questions about the homework.

Went to my seminar class where about half of the students are not doing any of the reading. I'm thinking that the solution to this is to stop assigning reading and then just have them talk about whatever things they feel like talking about. In retrospect, the book I assigned isn't that great.

After that, I had computer science class. Today we met the second algorithm of the semester, Bubble Sort. I knit eight more rows of the sock.

I'm almost done with this week's homework (which we get extra time on -- so it's due on Wednesday). I'm not entirely sure what parts of memory management I'm in charge of and which parts I don't have to worry about. You see, I have this object. And my object has a vector of pointers to some other objects (as well as a multimap of pointers to still other objects). When my original object goes out of scope, does all of its associated crap die? Or do I need to go through and empty everything out of the vector and the multimap? The books in my office and the information on the internet are not sufficiently illuminating for me to figure this out.

And finally I went to a talk in the department today. At the end of it, I talked to the speaker's daughter about math and knitting (and I offered to teach her how to crochet).

Since the TV is back in the shop, I will not be watching the debate. Good thing, as I still have to figure out what the hell I'm talking about in class tomorrow morning. I think I may start by going over the homework. Always a good stall tactic.