Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Adventures in Calculus Exams

I am pretty sure that I ran off more copies of the calculus exam than there are students in the class. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I told the photocopier that I wanted 20 more exams than students (almost a 10% margin of error).

But as a result of photocopier gnomes and/or faux students taking the exam, I had EXACTLY enough exams. I even had to use the original (non-stapled, non-duplexed). I felt bad. But I don't think the students were too disadvataged by this mishap, as everyone had an exam.

The other issue that came up during the exam is that a lot of students were upset because they didn't know how to use their calculators. I don't let them use the graphing calculators, and I had to hassle many students to put their graphing calculators away. One student was using a TI-89. There is no justifiable reason to have a calculator that does symbolic integration on a calculus exam. But I have all these students who use the graphing calculators on their homework and now have no idea how to find the natural log of 7 with a regular calculator. And because they've never tried to use their scientific calculators before the exam, they were freaking out when they weren't working as expected.

And in a great show of productivity, this afternoon I made the review sheet for the next exam.