Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Damage

Finally finished grading this afternoon. FINALLY.

As I was totalling, I was worried that perhaps the scores were a bit low. I was worried that I'm a meaner grader than the TAs and that the students were going to be upset with the grades.

And then I put them in the spreadsheet. The median was a 79% -- just like the medians from the previous two tests. As I was entering grades, they seemed to be pretty much in line with what the students had been getting all semester.

My work for the semester winds down. I'm making the TAs grade the multiple choice final, so that's easy for me (and not too hard for them, either). My other two classes are honors classes, so for most of the students the final (and/or final paper) will determine whether the student gets a B+, an A-, or an A in the class. I have a few students whose averages are so high that as long as they get a C or better on the final, they'll get an A in the course. As long as the course grade ends up in the right bin, I'm not going to worry about the details of the grading too much.

I think that next semester I'm going to make worksheets for the calculus students where they need to solve word problems about finding the equations of lines and then factor a bunch of trinomials that are not monic. Maybe I'll throw in a few about rules of fractions and something about the square root not being linear.