Friday, November 21, 2008

Dull Things that Have Happened Recently

  1. Once again I'm writing blog posts in list mode.

  2. On Wednesday the dentist's office called and said that someone wanted my appointment for next week and could I come in on Thursday at the crack of dawn? Sure. Bad news: Two cavities (3 and 18). Good news: To fill either of them will require a crown. OK, you might not think that's good news. But one is a tooth (18) that already has a crown which was badly done and was going to need to be replaced at some point anyway. One is in a tooth (3) with a ginormous "silver" (mercury) filling that is over 20 years old, and those things don't last forever either, and the filling is so big that replacing it would mean a crown anyway. (I really wish that I could have gotten digital copies of my xrays.) So we're not actually doing anything about the cavities until either they become enough of a problem to justify the crowns or the other crown-requiring issues become enough of a problem to justify the crowns. I may need a third crown -- on a tooth (4) that is mostly "silver" (mercury) and that is very, very, very sensitive to cold. But since it's right next to one of the other crown-needing teeth, he might do both at once.

  3. From now on, I'm thinking gold dental work. Knowing what I do about my teeth and the teeth of my immediate family, in just a few years I should be sporting enough dental bling to make aspiring hip-hop artists jealous.

  4. Also from Wednesday: Skipped watching the finale of ANTM to work on my CS homework. Ended up fueling my work with Starbucks. That meant that I couldn't fall asleep Wednesday night.

  5. In case you haven't guessed, I've been photocopying a bunch lately. Review sheet, last regular exam, and final for the small class. Last exam and 3/4 of the final for the big class. I could be done copying today!

  6. Went to a committee meeting. Anticipate a future battle between the faculty who believe in playing the administration's game and those who believe in purity of the discipline. Does every student who graduates with a math major need to be prepared for math graduate school? Or is it ok to have one or more concentrations within the major that are not rigorous enough to prepare a student for math graduate school? The issue: Mo' students, mo' money.

  7. With the late night on Wednesday and the crazy-stupid-early dentist appointment on Thursday, Yesterday I was exhausted. Went to bed at 8pm. Woke up this morning at 5am. Nearly three hours later and all I've managed to do is to fuss about on the internet and eat breakfast. Really need to get things together so that I can go in and photocopy and do my office hours. Were I a more virtuous person, I would have gone to the gym this morning. But I didn't. Maybe later today?