Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fine, Go Ahead, Take Whatever the Hell Classes You Want

  1. Freshman in engineering signed up for Calc 2. Never took Calc 1. Didn't have AP credit for Calc 1. The nice people at ABET don't care, so his major is requiring him to get actualy real live credit for Calc 1.

  2. Student allegedly majoring in physics is taking College Algebra. Wants to skip directly to Real Calculus without first taking Precalc. To support his claim that he knows enough trigometry to skip Precalc, he cites his current success in Physics-for-Premeds.

  3. Students are coming to my office to get letters that will allow them to retake the math classes that they're currently in. I certainly hope that they've read the catalog about the rules on maximum allowable number of repeats.