Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Omens

  1. While driving down my street this morning, I saw a midget walking up the middle of the street. As I approached, the midget started waving at me. I'm thinking, "Do I know any midgets? No." So I did the polite smile and nod thing that those of us from the north do when greeting a stranger. Midget continues waving. Turns around and keeps waving (both hands!) after I drive past.

  2. Arrive at the office. Right shift key, control key, up arrow key, 456 on the keypad, and possibly a few other keys on my keyboard are not working. Might this have something to do with the diet soda that spilled all over the keyboard last night? Not ruling that out.

  3. Class in 55 minutes. Still not 100% sure what I'm doing once I wrap up the topic that we started last time. Normally I'd say worksheet, but typing on this keyboard is becoming annoying.

  4. Questioning my decision to get back off caffeine before I return to hopeless addiction.