Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good News: Some People Listen to Me

If you're down on all the hating around here (bonus fun: recently received an email from a senior who doesn't want to fulfill the math requirement), we've got some good news! Listen up!

Today the students in my honors seminar gave their presentations (well, half of them did; the other half goes next time), and there was hardly any PowerPoint!!! Every time I talked about the presentation assignment I recommended against PowerPoint, and they seem to have listened!!!!

Yes, that's right! Presentations without PowerPoint!

One group had some tasteful, well-chosen, and appropriate video clips with examples that illustrate their points. One student had a PPT where there were no words on any of the slides. How awesome is that?

There was one traditional PPT. The projector died in the middle of it, as though it was in on my secret, anti-PowerPoint agenda.

Does this make me a big fat hypocrite after having shown upwards of 600 PPT slides so far this semester in calculus. Maybe. But my students gave really good presentations, so we'll leave my PPTs out of it.