Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Which I Outsource My Troubles to My Blog Readers

I'm finally getting started on making some progress on my computer science homework. Fortunately I didn't waste too much time trying to make things work because the professor's .o file was infested with malicious gnomes. And double-fortunately, the TA just emailed me back with detailed instructions as to how to compile my .cpp file with the newly-provided .cpp file to make everything work together automagically -- and, ideally, reduce the errors to only those of my own making.

While I work on taming a tangled nest of pointers that should be assembling themselves into a graph and then succumbing to Dijkstra's algorithm, you can draft responses to an email from one of my hundreds of calculus students.

There are five exams (plus a final) in calculus class. Of the five exams, your lowest score is dropped. If you miss an exam, that's the dropped score.

Backstory: This student missed Exam 2 because of a medical reason. He never spoke to me directly about it, instead having his RA (who is also in my class) mention this to me at Exam 2. We had Exam 4 on Wednesday, November 5.

Today I get this email:
Hello my name is Stu Dent (000990000) and I'm in your Math class on Monday's and Wednesday's from 1:25 to 2:15. I apologize for not sending this e-mail to you earlier but I've been having difficulty with my email account. However I unfortunatly missed the test last Wednesday due to [a medical reason]. The problem is I missed a previous test due to the same reason, so I've already dropped a test. I was wondering if we could possibly work something out due to the circumstances. I appreciate your time.

What do you recommend?