Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Productive Tuesday!

The only thing I really need is a supply of Coke Zero, and I think I'll be set for the day. And when the book box outside my office empties a bit, I may need to replenish it by tossing in my Halliday and Resnick and possibly an Optics book (Hecht).

So here I am, ready to work on my computer science homework. I'm thinking that I'm going to delete everything I've written so far (except with the comment with my name in it) and start over from scratch. And I'm going to start by writing things on paper. So very old school.

The reason I have all day to work un-interrupted is because cs class today is cancelled. When he first announced that class was cancelled I was mildly disappointed. I paid good money for this class! (And since I think we're behind, I have the feeling that I'm not getting all the learnin' that I paid for.) But if I can get the homework done today, I'll be able to make good progress on future exam-writing later this week, and I should have the end of the semester well enough under control that I'll be able to do all the writing of talks, chapters and the like that I'd promised to do.