Sunday, November 02, 2008

Small Accomplishments

I did finally get something done today. I made the homework sheet for this week, and I've walked around the house and put away the last of the summer outdoor stuff. The watering can, the sprinkler, the mosquito candles, the random gardening stuff, all put away in the garage. (Cleaning the garage has been added to the project list for 2009.)

I'm in the midst of a five-load plan for laundry. I may only get through three. But, still, progress.

What I'm not making progress on is my computer science homework. I wrote a few lines of code last night, and gcc gave me a vast tangle of error messages that far outweighed the code. I still feel as stupid about computers as I did when I started the class. I know that this week's assignment is not hard. (I strongly suspect that this week's assignment is filler that was thrown together at the last minute because the professor is behind where he wants to be in the material and could not recycle a substantial assignment from the last time he taught this course.)

I'm guessing that my problem could be solved if I took the thingamabob that I'm working with and changed it from being a class to being a struct. If a had a map where the pairs were keys and then pointers to structs, it would all work fine (I think). Or at the very least I could borrow heavily from things I'd written earlier in the semester. And since this assignment doesn't really specify how it should be done, I could do that. But somehow I feel like I should be able to put objects into my map (I think I mean pointers to objects in my map). I didn't have this problem with the previous assignment because that one had a vector, and when I did resize(), everything was allocated and created for me. So I'm avoiding it and waiting for inspiration to strike.

My other excuse: I don't like the way the algorithm is described in the wikipedia (and the lecture notes merely link to wikipedia), so I'm waiting until I can check the combinatorics book in my office before I try to write any more code.

Do I need more excuses? Sunny day and perhaps my last chance to do substantial yardwork. Sunny day and perhaps my last chance to take a nice walk outside. Winter is coming, and I need to recommit to the treadmill and the gym. Winter is coming, and I need to write exams, lecture notes, and worksheets. Winter is coming, and in 19 days I will be able to register for a class for the spring. Dare I sign up for the next course in this series?