Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Steps Towards Resolution

Unsure as to how to best dynamically allocate a two-dimensional vector (which, I believe, need not be rectangular like a boring ol' array) and populate it with the objects that I'm reading in, I return to my student's request.

Not having heard back from me within 2.5 hours, he sent another copy of the email from another account. (What, it took you six days to email me about missing an exam, and you want me to get back to you within three hours?)

I figure that I'll hassle him about a doctor's note, tell him that if his medical condition is really that serious that he needs to talk to the Disability Office, and I'll remind him that even if his email hasn't been working there are a lot of ways to get in touch with me (or his TA).

If he can provide plausible paperwork, I'll re-weight the other exams and the final. No plausible paperwork? I figure a nasty make-up exam during finals week should work.