Monday, November 03, 2008

Tales from my Office Hours

One of my repeat offenders came by my office today to ask for some help. He admitted that he had missed class today because the clock on his cell phone was off by an hour. He didn't blame it on the shift from daylight saving time to standard time. Rather, he says it's because his home town is in another time zone and his phone sometimes reverts to that time zone. In any event, he missed class because he didn't know what time it was.

Oddly, he emailed me last night to set up the appointment to meet with me. As if he'd had a premonition that he was going to miss class today.

As we were working on an anti-derivative problem, we got to the point where we needed to simplify, and he was trying to multiply (6)(5). He asks, somewhat rhetorically, "What's six times five? Thirtyfive?" I respond, "Thirty." He says, "Whoa, I need to stop drinking."