Monday, December 08, 2008

Another Day at the Office

  1. Typed a letter for The Topologist. Printed it on letterhead for him.

  2. Talked to the person in charge of precalc. Decided that we're not adding points or changing grades. What you get, is what you get.

  3. Continued to evacuate paper from my filing cabinet into the recycling and the shred box. I think that in my new office that I'll be OK with a two-drawer filing cabinet. I have discarded almost every preprint and journal article that I had. Vowed to never again let paper accumulate.

  4. Talked on the phone to a student who has failed College Algebra three times and who wants to take it again. According to the university directory, this student is classified as a freshman. I told him he needed to email me a specific list of what is going to be different this time and why he thinks he isn't going to fail a fourth time. I'm going to let him wait while I think about it.

  5. Returned computer science books to the library. If I need them again, I can check them back out.

  6. Still have not yet put anything in boxes in preparation for the office move. We're supposed to have everything ready to go by first thing on the 15th. PLENTY of time.