Monday, December 22, 2008

The Cycle Resumes

I emailed every single student who took college algebra in the fall to remind them that if they didn't pass, then they should not go on to the next course in the sequence. The first several replies I got were along the line of "What if I didn't pass college algebra but my major requires me to take calculus? So should I take calculus next semester since that's what my major requires?"

Today the following showed up in my inbox:

From: Dent, Stu (
Subject: Re: Math prerequisite reminder
Date: December 22, 2008 10:11:55
To: Rudbeckia Hirta (

Hi MRs. Hirta!
My name is Stu Dent and I will be taking your Calculus Circus class next semester. My family has had a family vacation planned for over a year now and unfortunately it falls on the first full week that school is back in session. I would be missing January 12-15. I am a very dedicated student and do not plan on falling behind, I just wanted to make sure that you didn't think this would absolutely kill my grade. I have never been one to have many issues regarding math so I am confident I can make up any work missed, I just thought that I would see what you thought about it. Thank you so much! Happy Holidays!