Thursday, December 11, 2008

Email Mailbag

  1. Students complaining about A-s. They claim that under the old grading system that these would have been As. I point out that, no, under the old grading system, those would have been B+s.

  2. A student not in my class who I believe I have never communicated with before writes:
    I was just e-mailing you in regard to a test that is offered to students to get credit for this class. I was wondering if you would send me the information as to how I go about taking this test.

    I know that because I did not pass the class it seems like I just fluffed it off, but I really did not. Somehow, even if I knew the information back and forth it would all go out the window at test time.

    So if you could send me the information about this test it would be greatly appreciated.
    I supect I know what this student means, but I'm not sure, so I wrote back asking for clarification. I'm assuming that this student failed a math class (I have it narrowed down to two choices with one much more likely than the other) and now wants to CLEP out of math.

  3. Facebook friend request from someone I sort of know from high school. Her name is "Elizabeth," but in high school she called herself "Kiki." Now she is calling herself "Lila." She seems very... um... MySpace.