Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Haven't Started Packing Yet

Just heard word that the very earliest that they might be moving my office is TUESDAY. Definitely no need to pack yet. Still discarding stuff. Have not yet packed a single box.

Throwing out: Ripped out pages of publishers' catalogs with math books that I think I should have.

Still keeping: Folder in my filing cabinet labeled "Tenure and Promotion." Um, I left my tenure-track job over five years ago. Maybe I'll need something from this folder at some point?

Also keeping: A list of the Scrabble two-letter words. Too bad this university doesn't offer a course in Scrabble. I'd get really good at Scrabble if I were being graded on it.

Inconvenient: The office staff packed all of the office supplies. I needed letterhead envelopes to send some things out today. Needed to find someone with a secret stash.

Work getting done: Today I submitted the last grade for one class and 99% of the grades for another class. All that's left is one set of papers to grade. And when I say "papers" I mean roughly six pages, typed, with a strong thesis statement, evidence to back up your claims. That kind of papers. They count 1/3 of the grade in a class so awesome that the lowest grade will be a B+. So reading them shouldn't be too bad.