Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Suppose This Means that I Should Do Some Research

Today I spent most of the day moving to a new new office. Disassembling furniture and dragging it through the belly of The Snake (our new building) and then putting it back together. Carrying everything from my office up the stairs. Apparently my whining and complaining about my old new office paid off, and when I offered to move elsewhere in the building to accomodate someone who can't do stairs (old new office was on the 1st floor), the Powers That Be agreed to it. The only issues with the new new office are that I don't have a key yet, it doesn't have wired internet (yet?), and that it is well above my pay grade.

Yes, that's right, my new new office is coded as being for a non-tenure-track/visiting assistant professor (while my old office was more in line with non-tenure-track non-professorial-faculty, the category in which my job title lives). I believe what makes it a non-tenure-track/visiting office (instead of a tenurable office) is because it doesn't have a view. But yet -- a professorial level office! Perhaps I shall take advantage of this and actually do some research.

Perhaps I shall do some research tomorrow -- but not in the office due to that whole lack-of-key thing. (And who knows if my ID opens the stupid building yet.)

Or, at the very least, I should write the talk that I am not giving next week, as I haven't started working on that. And I should finish writing the chapter that is nearly done and that is based on the talk that is not yet written (and that I am not giving).

But I should get started doing some research, as I strongly suspect that I shall be moving out of my professorial office (So large that I could fit a six-foot white board or a small couch! It even has one of those weird early 1900s "reach-in" closets!) at the end of the semester.