Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not Knowing What People Were Doing Was Easier Before the Internet

  1. One friend from college changed her relationship status on facebook from "married" to "its complicated" for several days. Another friend from college is documenting her pregnancy. I really wonder who provided the gametes, as she and her wife (shotgun wedding a few weeks before election day in CA) used IVF.

  2. Recently discovered that one of my friends from high school has a job at a video store that seems to base most of its business on porn. Can't wait to tell this to my mom. She never approves of my friends.

  3. I'm trying to make some sort of worksheet for my gen-ed class. Some sort of mathematical scavenger hunt where I would send my students off to the internet to find bizarre factoids about colorful mathematicians. This then led me to discover that Jay-C., possibly one of my most annoying coworkers ever, is working at the secret math fortress in San Diego. Now, I strongly suspect that I probably wouldn't like working fulltime at the secret math fortress, but I do really, really, really wish that I was still living in San Diego (despite pesky issues like military jets crashing within walking distance of where I used to live).