Monday, December 01, 2008

Not Sure Where Today Went

All I managed to do today was to feed my good class (bagels and cream cheese), teach my big class (no food for them!), and deal with ninety-bazillionty bits of administrivia, including filing the cheating paperwork related to the calculus exam. Good thing that I finished the computer science homework yesterday. I suspect that I solved the problem in a completely different way than we were supposed to, but I think mine took less time and space than what was expected.

Still to do today: I need to update my spreadsheet from my TAs with the quiz scores, and I need to update my Perl script to print grade reports for my calculus students. I'd like to have it say how many points they need to earn on the final exam in order to get the grades that they want. OK, I know that this is impossible to have ready for tomorrow because I will first need to process about a gajillionty participation grades in order to make that happen.

And I also want to type up my free-response comments for the course evaluations tomorrow in CS. Since every department in the university uses the exact same forms*, I already know what the questions are going to be. I'll type up something and then just turn it in then. No reason for me to scribble stuff trying to get it to fit on the form.

*You would think that an institution that employs many world-class researchers in education and, more broadly, the social sciences would be able to conduct better assessments. Our free-response forms really suck.