Monday, December 01, 2008

Someone Needs to Teach the Freshmen How College Works

OK, to be fair, our university web page kind of sucks, and if you aren't persistent and savvy, it's hard to find the information you need. But, um, still.

So far today my email inbox has been under siege from the students from the Calculus Circus wanting to know whether we have class today.

Let's see
  1. The class calendar (posted as a pdf in the syllabus section of Blackboard and also published on a CalDAV server) says we're having class on Monday and Tuesday.

  2. Last week in class, I mentioned what we're going to be talking about in class today.

  3. There are notes for today posted in the "class notes" section of Blackboard.

  4. We've had class on the day before fall break, the day before Thanksgiving, and every single freaking other time we've been scheduled to have class.

  5. Tuesday is the last day of classes.

Hmmm.... What do you think? Class today?