Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Things Still Not Done

  1. Didn't get around to thinking about comments for the evaluations for the CS class. I supposed that I will join the masses in filling in unexplained bubbles on the aweful, aweful evaluation sheets.

  2. Haven't yet dealt with the rest of the logistics about scheduling the meeting that no one wants to go to. So far I have a bad room scheduled. Need to figure out how to get a better room. Unfortunately, the best place to have the meeting is in the New Building That Keeps Changing Its Name, and it's unclear how to schedule rooms in a building that is not yet open (but will be by the time the meeting rolls around).

  3. Haven't even started trying to remember all of the various algorithms that I should know for the CS final coming up on Thursday. Even though I am a grown-up and a responsible person, when you get to this point in the semester (and that whole denial phase I went through in most of November about the whole missing sunlight thing), I am no better than the undergraduates. I have the main ideas in my brain, but I forget which names go with which algorithms, and I never knew how fast any of the graph algorithms were.

  4. Please don't come to my office and ask me about your participation grade. Please, please, please don't ask. Also, don't ask me about your extra credit. My back-up plan: full credit on participation to everyone. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I really need to work on this. I really need to rewrite the Perl script that calculates participation grades. Fuck.

  5. Still haven't followed up with the person who is supposed to be sending me data about the success and retention study that I'm supposed to be number-crunching. Still haven't followed up with the person who has the placement data that I'm supposed to use for enforcing prereqs for the spring. Still haven't debugged the Perl script for enforcing placement. Have not emailed the students who've signed up for the classes warning them that we're going to be enforcing placement. Have not figured out how to use sendmail to efficiently email all the students in the classes