Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dear Students

  • If I say on the syllabus that there are no make-up quizzes because your four lowest quizzes are dropped and then you choose to miss a quiz because you're going on vacation for a week, do not bother to ask about a make-up quiz.

  • If you can't afford to buy your textbooks, then you can't afford to go to school here. These gen-ed classes that you're taking here are much cheaper at the community college down the road. And they all automagically transfer.

  • If you've failed College Algebra three times but sign up for calculus anyway even after I've emailed you a whole bunch of times and then decide during the first week of the semester that you're going to switch into College Algebra, don't think that I'm going to overload the waitlist and put you in a full section just because you don't want to take a class at 8am. If you signed up for College Algebra during priority registration, you would have had your pick of sections.

  • I can run what is called a "registration audit." It will tell me that you are the one who changed your schedule, not our registration system (which I admit is flawed).

  • You didn't turn in the first homework? The one with softball questions like "When was the last time you took a math class?" Not a good start to the semester.