Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Mystery of the Transfer Students

I don't really understand the process by which students transfer in here or how transfer admissions decisions are made. Here are a few things that I do know:
  1. Transfer students don't count against the university in various statistical measures. Most of the things that are reported are based on first-time freshmen starting in the fall. (This is also why some freshmen are offered spring admission.)
  2. Transfer students tend to do worse in math classes than the population as a whole and also worse than first-time freshmen who started in the fall. (While we don't need to report on them, we still track them.)
  3. We continue to admit more transfer students even after the semester has started. I talked to one guy who was admitted on the third day of classes and was still working on getting his schedule finalized.
  4. (Allegedly on this one.) Some transfer students tell me that although they have been admitted and are attending the university, they still haven't sent any transcripts from their previous college(s). I would have thought that submitting these would have been required for admission?
From here what it looks like is that the transfer admissions office has a quota to fill and keeps admitting anyone and everyone until we get the desired number of transfer students -- without much regard for academic skill.