Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not My Day

  1. Left the mini-DVI-to-VGA connector in my other bag. Couldn't use laptop in morning class.

  2. Morning class was angry about the quiz.

  3. New clicker software not working. Could not download list of students' names. Students appear on clicker roster identified by six-digit hexadecimal quantities. I am OK with identifying all students by eight-character usernames. Not yet ready for hexadecimal identifiers.

  4. Aside: Why does so much software suck? Clicker software sucks. Blackboard doesn't alphabetize correctly. (If two students have the same last name, it will not alphabetize them by first name.) Registration system... well, let's just say that if the registration system were turned in as computer science homework, it wouldn't be getting a very good grade.

  5. Late-Morning class was angry because I taught them the definition of the derivative and expect them to learn it and to demonstrate this knowledge on the exam.

  6. TA reports possible cheating incident.

  7. Attended moderately bizarre meeting.

  8. Have headache.

  9. Have infinitely many papers to grade.

  10. Didn't finish writing the chapter that I had hoped to have finished by today. Didn't even got to the library to request the inter-library-loan books that I will need to finish the chapter.