Thursday, January 22, 2009

Things I Do Not Understand

  1. The University is suggesting that we use ink jet printers instead of laser printers so as to save money. It's well-accepted that the price-per-page for laser printing is much lower. Laser printing looks better. It's faster. Turn the damn thing off when you're not printing, and a laser printer is a much better value.

  2. This study even got published? Made its way onto NPR? Reminds me of this graph by Edward Tufte.

  3. Students who bother to show up to computer science class and then spend the entire time reading Engadget, playing Tetris, installing Ubuntu, installing Windows 7, etc. etc. etc. and not paying attention at all. The notes are all on the web. You could fuck around with your computer at home and read the lecture notes at your leisure if you weren't going to pay attention in class.