Friday, January 30, 2009

Times Have Changed

The current homework in my computer science class asks us to accomplish the same task in three different ways. According to the directions, which were apparently written when SPARCstations roamed the Earth, the first and third ways should take a few seconds each and the second way should take 30-40 seconds.

Mine all run pretty much instantly, which I think means that either I have completely misunderstood what I've been asked to do or else someone needs to adjust the assignment.

I think mine all work, so I just need to put together the rest of the stuff required for the submission guidelines for homeworks. I'm going to leave the massive memory hemorrhage untouched and just accept the three points that I'm going to lose for it. I had thought about going to office hours today, but today's office hours are with the scary TA. I'd rather lose the three points.

And in other news, I'm still grading papers in the aftermath of the exams that I gave on Wednesday.