Friday, January 16, 2009

Unintended Hiatus from More Intellectual Pursuits

If at some point today you saw a woman wearing pajamas and a fur coat (real fur: beaver, with a split in the skins at the elbow, bought for $20 at half price day at the Salvation Army in Ithaca roughly seven years ago) and slippers sitting on her back porch aiming a hair dryer at the outside spigot, that was probably me.

Of course I didn't start on the one at the back porch until I got the pipe for the kitchen sink unfrozen. That one was easier, as I could do it standing in the basement. Of course I was wearing cashmere at the time and got basement gunk all over the cashmere, so I changed into my pajamas.

I suspect that I will still be clad in pajamas when I go to Home Depot tonight to get some pipe insulation. It appears that an unintended consequence of insulating the house is that now the house doesn't throw off an aura of heat that keeps all the pipes in the walls and the plants in the garden from freezing.

Who says that home ownership isn't glamorous?