Monday, January 19, 2009

Why I Need You to Sign Me Into a Class

Friday was the deadline for schedule changes. Adding, dropping, switching: all needed to be done by Friday. Some students didn't get the memo, it seems.
Student 1:
This student seems to have screwed up and to have dropped a regular math class during add-drop and then picked up a one-credit-hour math-help prep class (the sort of thing that weak students might take together with calculus to improve their chance of passing). Student claims to need the one specific (very low-numbered) regular math class in order to transfer. Verdict: Student is likely clueless. We'll probably add the student back in.

Student 2:
This student kept switching sections of a mildly unpopular math class required of a particular major. Kept shopping around for a good section, it seems. At the end of add-drop, the student was enrolled in a section taught by someone competent but mean. Student dropped the class after the deadline and tried to get back into a section taught by someone kind and motherly (whose section this student had been in earlier in the week). Student emailed us asking to get back into the kind and motherly section. Verdict: Student is playing us. We'll offer to put the student back into the section this student was enrolled in at the end of add-drop.