Monday, February 02, 2009

Busy Day

  1. Finished totalling and recording the scores for the calculus exam. Class average was a low B-. Wrote notes on the exams of every student who scored below a C. It took me well over an hour to write these notes. We shall see how many of the students pay attention to what I wrote and actually come to talk to me about their grades. Also wrote notes on the papers of the A students. Those didn't take as long.

  2. Wrapped up my computer science homework. Current plan is to score a "good enough." Watch this space for a comparison between my computer science course from last semester and my one from this semester.

  3. Taught, went to CS class.

  4. Went to a very long and difficult meeting.

  5. Rebooted my laptop several times, as it appears to be infested with malicious goblins.