Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Daily Update

  1. Got my iPhone working as a Keynote remote. Is it really worth running my phone battery down during a 50-minute class? Probably not. If I can get a line of sight, I can use the infrared remote that came with the computer to control my Keynotes.

  2. Made many of the slides for my talk tomorrow. Still need to make the slides with important content. But I have enough unimportant content to fill up a bunch of the time. Including gratuitous magic moves. Every permutation group in my talk is animated.

  3. Had an awkward conversation with a student in the lecture hall after my big calculus class:
    Stu: Last week I had three tests and a paper, and my sister was eaten by wolves. I took the exam on Wednesday, but I didn't get it back yesterday.
    Me: Who's your TA?
    Stu: Sanjay Goel.
    Me: What's your name?
    Stu: Stu Dent.
    Me: There's an academic dishonesty issue with your exam.
    Stu: Oh?
    Me: You had the same answers as the person sitting next to you.
    Stu: I don't even know who was sitting next to me.
    Me: Well, I do. And he had different questions than you did, so it's pretty suspicious that you have the same answers. I'm reporting the case to the Honesty Council.
    Stu: Oh, that's bad?

  4. Spent a few hours working on the computer science homework. Ironically, yesterday in class the topic was "Why every file should be in a simple, predictable, plain text format," and the assignment suggests use of a icky binary format. I think that with a few more hours of work that I should have things enough under control that I'll know what questions I should ask tomorrow so that I can finish it up over the weekend.