Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Doing Three Things at Once

  1. Regular job: Met with very, very, very many calculus students today who scored poorly on the first exam. Gave them all the same talk about having a written plan and following it. And how this written plan needs to include "do calculus homework every single day." Am I on top of it enough to hassle them again a week before the next exam to see if they're following their plans? I've decided that I want more students to pass my class but without watering it down, and this is the best option that I've come up with.

  2. Dartmouth stuff: Somehow I am an alumni interviewer for Dartmouth College. This afternoon I will be interviewing two applicants. You would think that Dartmouth would want someone else to do this, but apparently they don't.

  3. Summer job: Looking through applications for the various staff positions. Not exactly sure which criteria I should be using when making these selections. Also not sure if one applicant is "an independent thinker" or "doesn't listen to anyone or take criticism well."

Random aside: Today I discovered a harpsichord in my lecture hall.