Friday, February 20, 2009

Grading, Coding, More Grading

Um, it's been a busy day. (And then I agreed to give a talk next week.) Just finished the computer science homework. Now to start on the other computer science homework. More soon on computer science once I find a way to write about it in a fair and balanced way.

In the meantime, the exam grading is complicated by a decent number of absentees.

Subtitle: I get to decide who lives and who dies

Who gets to take a makeup exam? Recall: Exam was on Wednesday.
  1. Student was having surgery. Emailed me ahead of time
  2. Student had a migraine the day of the exam. Emailed me about it the day of the exam.
  3. Student claims to have had strep throat since Monday. Didn't take the exam. Emailed me the day after the exam (Thursday).
  4. Student's grandfather had a heart attack the morning of the exam. Left town that morning, before exam. Emailed me before exam.
  5. Student overslept on the day of the exam. Emailed me later on the day of the exam. Didn't come to class today.
  6. Student's grandfather was ill (different student, different grandfather) and student was out of town. Didn't tell me about this until Friday at the end of class.

Syllabus says: "If you must miss an exam, contact the instructor as soon as possible to determine whether a make-up exam is possible. Decisions about make-ups will be based on the reason for the absence and the timeliness of reporting it. Make-up exams can be harder than regular exams."