Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Technology Wishlist

As I've been taking computer science classes where all the notes are online (and where it seems pretty stupid to print them just to be able to write something down on them during class) and as I've been sorting through 1500 pages of application materials, I have found myself wanting the following device: a tablet Kindle that acts as a sort of iPod for documents.

It would take documents from a fairly dull format (.txt, .rtf, .pdf, oh, if you must I suppose .doc), allow you to sync them to the device, and then let you use a stylus to take notes directly on the document. I'd also throw in Kindle's eBook functions -- although probably not with the syncing back to the computer. Oh, and it would have to be smaller and lighter than a laptop and also have long battery life.

I'd love to be able to do this with all the applications that I'm reading. For the class I'm taking, I'd love to have annotated notes as well as the textbook in a small, compact device. Instead I'm dragging my laptop with me to northern Virginia and not taking notes in class.