Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Afternoon Update

  1. Computer Science building is heated. Furthermore, when you have almost as many laptops as students in a small classroom, that adds to the heat in the room. Even my feet were warm!

  2. As I was entering the computer science building, some guy who I didn't recognize was all "Dr. Hirta! Dr. Hirta!" As everyone who I interact with over there is on a first name basis with me, I wondered what this guy was up to. He pulls a form out of his bag for me to sign. Apparently he'd been enrolled in the Calculus Circus and needed to drop -- he says because his major requires Real Calculus. Um, yeah, good luck with that.

  3. Observed a TA. There is no way that I can possibly tell the TAs everything that they need to know ahead of time. The shear number of rules would overwhelm them. (This is a different TA than the one who gave a make-up exam without consulting me.) Some of these things should be common sense!

  4. Been doing the paperwork helping students get signed up for our three-week May-session math classes. Three hours a day, three weeks, three credit hours. Of course since our registration system is... quirky, it's not letting our target population sign up (the students who are currently failing and who see this as a quick do-over). Think of this as my way of helping to use up our old letterhead paper with the math department's old address on it.