Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Environment vs. Grime

I don't clean very often. Probably once or twice a year. Usually over spring break or else right after the end of the spring semester. Not exaggerating. As a result of this slovenly sloth, things can get a bit gross around here.

So today I was at Target looking for a cleaning product for the toilet.

Option #1 was Green Works, containing a whole host of natural (and secret and proprietary) cleaning agents. I had a flashback to the time I bought Method's phosphate-free dishwasher detergent that didn't clean the dishes. I just don't believe that the hippie cleanser will get things clean.

Option #2 was 3% sodium hypochlorite. I have an entire plastic jug of sodium hypochlorite next to my washing machine. This wasn't the product I was looking for. The death of germs is only one small issue that I'm facing.

Option #3 was 9.5% Hydrogen Chloride. Closer. Much closer. Very likely to etch off the crud. (I have a jug of this in my garage leftover from prepping concrete for being painted.)

Ah, option #4. Option #4 was jam-packed with scary sounding chemicals that I'd never heard of and that I can't easily buy. The back of the package was filled with dire warnings. Violation of federal law to use in a manner other than its labeling. Wear goggles or a face mask while using. Do not get in contact with skin. Do not breathe the fumes. Use of this cleanser must be monitored by your household's EH&S officer. Post the MSDS in your bathroom. Danger, danger, danger.

Yes, this is the bad-ass cleanser that I need to do battle against the toilet.