Thursday, March 19, 2009

For Those of You Keeping Track at Home

  1. I'm going through some sort of weird confusion about INT_MAX and LONG_MAX and ULONG_MAX (and integerish types in general). Once I figure out what the hell I should be feeding into various functions, I should be fine.

  2. Today I started official cheating cases against two more students. I may end up making an accusation against a third student. Any bets on the percent of students in my class who will have been accused of cheating by the end of the semester?

  3. If you must cheat in math class, try to avoid copying the paper of your fraternity brother who is sitting next to you.

  4. The Topologist returns today. His mice clearly miss him. Yesterday they piled wood chips in front of their water source, preventing them from accessing it and causing water to drip out of the water bottle and get all over the wood chips. They have also torn up SEVEN toilet paper tubes in the past 9 days. They appear annoyed that all I feed them is mouse food.

  5. Almost done with the list of things that I really wanted to accomplish over spring break. Did not make much progress on the unrealistic list of things that would be nice to also get done. Did I really think that I would get the final written and xeroxed over a month in advance? No, not really.

  6. Can't decide whether I like having off the 11th calendar week of the semester, or whether I would prefer having five extra long weekends, or whether I'd like for us to end a week early. Spring semester has 15 weeks of classes and then a week and a half of finals. I strongly prefer quarters to semesters.

  7. Should hear within the next day or so whether the local music teacher has been able to broker the deal on my clarinet. If she managed to sell it, I'm buying an ebook reader.

  8. OMG, last night Allison was in the bottom 2 on ANTM. My favorites never win. Has ANTM jumped the shark? I'm thinking that since the "models" are less and less skinny each cycle and since since Tyra is restricting next cycle to girls under 5'7" that the answer is almost certainly yes. However, I would be absolutely gleeful to see any of my students on ANTM. In a trainwreck kind of way.