Monday, March 23, 2009

I Keep the Master Spreadsheet with All the Grades

So we had an exam on Wednesday, February 18. Stu Dent didn't take the exam because -- well, it doesn't matter why Stu didn't take the exam. However, Stu's stated reason for not having taken the exam is the sort of thing that would generate all sorts of paperwork. By February 21, I had worked out an arrangement with Stu: Bring me some documentation, and I'll set up a make-up exam.

Fast forward to today, one of my TAs emails me wondering what he should do with Stu's make-up exam. Should he grade it himself? Give it to me to grade? And how should he get me the grade to put in my master spreadsheet? Seems that he gave Stu a make-up during the week of March 9 because Stu told him that I said it was OK.