Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Students Continue to Ask Me Questions

Subtitle: None of the questions the students ask me are content-related.
  1. Student has heard rumors that under the new catalog coming out in the fall her major will no longer require calculus. Should she drop?

  2. Another student has decided to drop because he is a freshman and needs more time to be ready for this course. When can I sign the drop slip? (Also notes Stu, "I love your class.")

  3. A student who took a make-up with the understanding that I would need to see a doctor's note before counting the grade wonders when the grade from the make-up will be counted.

  4. A student who really, really, really needs to pass calculus this time is wondering if there's anything I can do about his grade on the exam from March 11. Stu mentions a situation that he has known about for a very long time but that I was unaware of until just now. Can this situation lead to a magical grade change?