Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tales from Calculus Class

  1. A student sent me an email apparently intended for her sorority sister: "haha okay girl! we have already planned to take some really cute pictures over spring break so i will def send you a bunch of those!! thank you and you have a great spring break too!!! LITB"

  2. A very demanding student emailed me last night at 10pm asking me what the answer was to problem #1 from the homework in the book, claiming that the back of the book had two answers, neither of which matched with the student's answer. The back of the book had one answer. The right answer.

  3. The student who has missed two exams and five quizzes? Finally dropped with a W.

  4. Some dude who apparently did something stupid over the weekend wants a 1-day extention on the exam. Fine, have another day. I doubt that another day will help.

  5. Yes, the exam is today.