Saturday, March 21, 2009

Unanswered Questions from Computer Science

  1. What is the reaction going to be to my recently completed assignment in which I complete the task to the letter of the law and not in the spirit of the law? Quite possibly, the only way to write a worse malloc than mine would be to avoid having a free list entirely and on the first call to malloc call sbrk(GINORMOUS) and take all available memory for the heap and have a global variable just keep track of the end of the memory given out. (And free would just be return.) Mine is not that bad. BUT CLOSE!

  2. When will I get back a grade on the assignment that I turned in on February 16? What about the assignment I turned in on March 2? March 9? My 11th grade English teacher never turned back work, either. But she bought us off with better grades than we deserved.

  3. How many students are left in the class? The semester started with a full classroom, but there are plenty of seats now. Have people been dropping? Or have they just stopped coming?

  4. Will it be worth my time to go to lab on Monday morning?