Sunday, March 29, 2009

Your Clicker Does Not Have a Data Plan

I'm using Clickers in my big calculus class. There's an RF gizmo that hooks up to my laptop via USB, and it can receive the information from the students during class.

The other day I sent an email out to the class reminding them to update one setting on their clickers*. After updating, many of the students have then (unbidden) chosen the "send data" option. Since my laptop and my clicker receiver are here at home with me (and not in clicker mode), these students are getting an error message telling them that data couldn't be sent because there was no receiver in range. And then they email me in a panic.

*Normally they wouldn't have to do this but the Mac version of the clicker software can not interact with the Blackboard Building Block when Blackboard is using single sign-on. I have no idea what this means except that I can not use Blackboard as an intermediary for any clicker issues.