Monday, April 06, 2009

Afternoon and Evening Agenda

  1. Fight with makefile and install scripts about things that I do not understand so as to come up with a kludgey solution to a chicken and egg problem. (The install option both depends on and recompiles a particular program.)

  2. Talk to a student who I don't trust.

  3. Write worksheet for Wednesday. Xerox make-up exam (also for Wednesday).

  4. Find dinner, as The Topologist is going to an awards banquet and didn't think to invite me. He said that if I was going to a banquet that he wouldn't want to come, so he didn't even bother to mention it to me. He's been nominated for a big-deal award being given out by the Chancellor's office. An even bigger deal award than the one he won last year from the Dean's office.

  5. More computer science.